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Job Description-Part-time

TITLE: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Coordinator

Purpose of a SANE: The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will provide timely, non-judgmental, compassionate care to the sexual assault victim. The SANE exam may include a medical-forensic exam, prophylaxis for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, photographic documentation, and referrals for appropriate medical and psychological follow-up, support and participation in legal proceedings.

Minimum Requirements
1. Current Oklahoma Registered Nurse Licensure or higher.
2. CPR or BLS certified.
3. Understanding of the effects of trauma
4. General understanding of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence.
5. Minimum two years nursing experience; specialty experience in women’s health, emergency department, public health or psychiatry recommended with demonstrated autonomy and professional judgment in nursing practice
6. Completion of SANE didactic training • Successful completion of recommended clinical components.
7. Completion or ability to complete Domestic Violence Forensic nursing course within 3 months of employment.
8. One year of providing victim services or the ability to complete 40 hours of training within 1 month of employment.

SANE Job Responsibilities: 
• Ability to perform emergent medical triage of the presenting patient(s) using BLS skills.
• Perform and document sexual assault medical forensic interviews/exams accurately and timely
• Perform a complete medical forensic evaluation to include: Head-to-toe medical assessment for trauma, detailed genital/anal examination;
• Forensic specimen collection and supportive documentation;
• Photo documentation of bodily and genital-anal injuries with competent documentation;
• Assess for mandatory reporting status and report when appropriate;
• Maintain chain of custody and adhere to evidence guidelines;
• Ensure patient/medial record confidentiality at all times (HIPPA) and Oklahoma Title74 Section 18p-3;
• Maintain professional standards that do not create conflict of interests;
• Administer prophylactic medications and emergency contraception;
• Coordinate referrals for appropriate follow-up care as needed;
• Testify as fact witness to any/all cases performed while contracted as a SANE *Following employment/termination with the Women’s Resource Center as a SANE, it will remain to be an obligation of the individual RN to respond and coordinate with attorneys prior to and during the court process.
• Required to be in the office 20 hours per week unless meeting with community partners;
• Flexibility in scheduling with the potential to provide exams outside of regular shift;
• Participate in community awareness and outreach projects as needed and approved by the Executive Director
• Recommended minimum of five adult exams performed within 12-month period, with completion of continued education, case studies, literature review, and chart reviews
Community Relations
1. Develop and maintain contacts with other agencies.
2. Network with professionals for effective coordination of service delivery to
victims/survivors of sexual assault.
3. Assist in the training and scheduling of SANE/DVNE.
4. Represent the Women’s Resource Center as necessary.
General Duties
1. Maintain Rape Crisis Center exam room to meet all fire, city and health codes.
2. Assist in keeping exam room supplied with medications, patient files and necessary supplies.
3. Assist in facilitating peer review for patient files.
4. Assist in updating new requirements specific to SANE/DVNE and CDC.
5. Follow all Policies and Procedures of the Women’s Resource Center, Inc.
6. Meet requirements as set out by Standard and Criteria of the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General
7. Fill in for other S.A.N.E.s as required
8. Perform other duties as required