Emergency Shelter: 405-701-5540 | Rape Crisis: 405-701-5550

TITLE: Sexual Violence Response Specialist


Minimum Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in education, public information, community development or human

service field.

  1. General understanding of dynamics and prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child sexual assault.
  2. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  3. Ability to problem-solve.
  4. Ability to follow directions.



  1. Training and/or experience in crisis intervention
  2. Familiarity with community & its resources
  3. Experience with volunteer programs
  4. One year experience with public speaking
  5. Experience with community outreach
  6. Works well in high-stress situations
  7. Flexibility in schedule

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:              Rape Crisis Center Coordinator

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:       The Sexual Assault Response Advocate is responsible for coordinating law enforcement agencies, social service agencies that provide services to victims of sexual assault and for maintaining the Rape Crisis Center.



Community Relations

  1. Develop and maintain contacts with other agencies.
  2. Network with professionals for effective coordination of service delivery to victims/survivors of sexual assault.
  3. Assist in the training of Rape Response Advocates
  4. Represent the Women’s Resource Center as necessary


Direct Services

  1. Respond to rape calls
  2. Answer crisis calls at Rape Crisis Center
  3. Provide information & referral, crisis intervention, & counseling information as appropriate
  4. Maintain client records
  5. Maintain the Rape Crisis Center
  6. Participate in meetings as required by supervisor


General Duties

  1. Maintain Rape Crisis Center to meet all fire, city and health codes.
  2. Follow all Policies and Procedures of the Women’s Resource Center, Inc.
  3. Meet requirements as set out by Standard and Criteria of the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General
  4. Meet Requirements of all funding sources
  5. Fill in for other rape response advocates as required
  6. Perform other duties as required