Welcome to WRC

Where we believe everyone has the right to live in safety, be treated with dignity, make choices, and hope.

Empowering Men & Women Through Choice & Hope.

Since 1975, The Women’s Resource Center in Norman, OK has been helping women live better lives. Over the years we have redefined our goals to meet the changing needs of the community. Our primary work is to help people victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC), the Shelter, and the Rape Crisis Center fill an urgent need in our community. The WRC is the only organization certified by the Office of the Attorney General providing these services in Cleveland County.

WRC Partners

The Women’s Resource Center receives funding from The Office of The Attorney General; United Way of Norman, The District Attorneys Council, The State Health Department R.P.E., Cleveland County, and The City of Norman. We also received additional support for our 2023 Gala from the companies below.