Sexual Assault Services At WRC

Women, men, people between or outside of the gender binary; people who are able-bodied or differently able; young children, adults, or elderly; people who may be developmentally delayed or suffering from mental illness; strong or weak; sex workers; under the influence of legal or illegal substances or sober; dressed conservatively or otherwise; married, partnered, single or celibate; documented or undocumented; homeless or housed. Sexual violence does not discriminate. All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and no one has the right to control your body but you. Nothing justifies sexual assault.

Sexual assault is any forced or coerced sexual activity, such as unwanted touching, committed against a person’s will or without consent. Rape is a form of sexual assault that includes but is not limited to forced vaginal, anal, and oral penetration. It does not matter if you have had sex in the past. If it is nonconsensual this time, it is rape. Rape can happen when the victim was unconscious or asleep or under the influence. If you were asleep or unconscious or under the influence, then you did not give consent. And if you did not give consent, then it is rape.

The WRC Sexual Violence Counselor is available to provide services to victims and their family members after using Rape Crisis Center services. Those services include individual/group counseling for individuals impacted by sexual trauma and their families, crisis intervention and psycho-education sessions. The Sexual Assault Counselor is available to provide the same services to victim/survivors of sexual assault and adult survivors of childhood sexual assault who did not go through any of the other programs/services provided by WRC. Clients may need to transition into DV education groups if sexual assault was a part of the abuse history.

*Due to staff shortages, we currently are not offering this service at the Community Services Office. Please contact 405-364-9424 for referrals*