Court Advocacy At WRC

The Advocates at WRC provide court advocacy through several court processes. One of the most common requests is assistance with a Victim’s Protective Order (VPO).

If you would like to file a Victim’s Protective Order (VPO) please contact an Advocate who can assist you in determining if applying for a VPO is the best option for your situation. The Advocate can explain the qualifications for a protective order, the pros and cons of applying and the process. Should you decide that you wish to apply, the advocate can assist you with the paperwork, filing the VPO, and then will stand in front of the judge with you. An attorney is not required for the VPO process. However, you may decide that you would like to speak with an attorney and have them accompany you to court especially if the defendant (abuser) has an attorney. If your case goes to criminal court, an advocate can be with you throughout the court process.

Advocates are experts in safety planning. We can help you determine the lethality or dangerousness of your situation and then provide information and resources to increase your safety. Many advocates are trained to use the Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN Danger Assessment tool to understand the level of lethality and danger in your situation. Advocates provide safety planning based on the individual’s current needs and may include safety planning while attending court. 

We understand it can be scary to report to law enforcement. Thanks to our working relationship with local law enforcement, advocates can tell you what to expect when you report domestic violence, stalking, or sexual violence to law enforcement. WRC Advocates can accompany you during an interview with an officer or detective if you would like some additional support. 

To speak to a domestic violence advocate, call the Community Services Office at (405) 364-9424. 

To speak to a sexual violence advocate, call the Rape Crisis Center at (405) 701-5660.