Domestic Violence Services At WRC

Domestic violence is a learned pattern of physical, verbal, sexual and/or emotional behavior in which one person in a relationship uses force, intimidation, and/or coercion to dominate or control the other person. The partners may be intimate partners, living together, separated, dating, have a child in common; or related by blood. Domestic violence occurs within all ethnic groups, all religions, all gender identities, all economic brackets, all degrees of physical and mental ability, and all age groups.

The Women’s Resource Center provides short term individual and group counseling for victims of domestic violence to address the trauma caused by history and pattern of domestic violence.

WRC Counselors and Advocates provide crisis intervention services. This includes meeting with a victim of domestic violence to address the situation and/or issue that has brought them in to seek services. This may include information and referral to additional services, court advocacy to include a Protective Order, safety planning, assistance with requirements from DHS, and referral for emergency shelter.

WRC provides domestic violence education classes (DVed) for those individuals who are required to take classes as part of their ISP with the Department of Human Services or individuals who want to understand about the dynamics of domestic violence and how it impacts their lives.