Media Kit

This media kit is designed to assist journalists in reporting information about sexual violence. We encourage reporters to familiarize themselves with the material as they educate the public on the impact that sexual violence has on our community and the resources available at the Center.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this resource or if you would like to request an interview, please contact the business office at 405-364-9424.

The Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit agency that has served the Norman, Moore, and surrounding communities since 1975. Our mission is helping women live better lives. Over the years we have redefined our goals to meet the changing needs of the community. Our primary work is to help persons victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The WRC Domestic Violence Shelter, The Rape Crisis Center, and the crisis lines fill an urgent need because no other local group or organization provides these services.

Crime against women affects all of us and education is the first step toward prevention. We believe that information will make people more sensitive to the needs of victims of violence, more willing to take a hard look at the causes of these crimes, and better able to find ways to prevent them.

WRC acts as a clearing house for information on many issues of interest to women. The phone calls we receive each day give us insight into the lives of the women in our community. We hope to use this insight to expand our programs and services. We are dedicated to the belief that women in our community deserve an organization that can offer practical solutions to their problems, celebrate their achievements and expand opportunities for the next generations.